Cloud Meadow

Cloud Meadow

Welcome to Cloud Meadow: A Unique, Explicitly Erotic Free Sex Game.

Are you ready to explore a world that combines the innocence of a farming sim with the thrill of an adult RPG? With Cloud Meadow, Team Nimbus has created an immersive experience that blends popular titles like Stardew Valley and JRPGs with explicit sex scenes and customizable content.


Cloud Meadow embraces the furry genre, so be prepared for a world filled with anthropomorphic creatures. From bunny-like characters to mischievous gangs of cats, you can interact intimately with various NPCs and explore unconventional relationships.

For those who wish to tailor their experience, Cloud Meadow offers customizable adult content options. Toggle on or off features such as homosexual relationships, heterosexual encounters, intersex content, and more.


Begin your adventure in Cloud Meadow by choosing between two characters: Evan or Eve. As a First Class Union Frontiersman, your task is to restore ailing farmland in Cloverton. Your journey will involve planting crops, training monsters, exploring the wilderness, and becoming an integral part of the community.

Community is key in Cloud Meadow; as you arrive in Cloverton you'll be greeted by Jubelle - a friendly Union Operations Director who may become more than just a friend down the line - as well as countless hours of replayability and grinding.

Turn-Based Combat With Explicit Content.

Cloud Meadow excels in visual presentation during combat sequences. In a departure from typical farming sims, the game transforms into a turn-based RPG reminiscent of Final Fantasy. Skills and attacks range from claw strikes to missile shots - all accompanied by explicit sexual content that will satisfy even the most discerning players.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny.


- Explore floating islands full of mysteries

- Repair the bond between humans and beasts

- Enhance various areas around town including farms & monsters


- Toggle homosexual & heterosexual relationships on/off

- Intersex content options available

- Customize your experience with explicit sex scenes


The battles are enjoyable and well-paced, ensuring you won't spend too much time engaged in combat. However, as the game progresses, the difficulty increases, challenging your strategic abilities.

Undoubtedly, the game's soundtrack contributes significantly to its immersive world. Drawing inspiration from farming sims, the music creates a captivating ambiance that enhances your gaming experience.

Experience an Unforgettable Erotic Adventure: Play Cloud Meadow Today!

Create a life of purpose and fruitfulness in Cloverton as you unlock all that Cloud Meadow has to offer. Enjoy this unique blend of genres while anticipating gratifying explicit content!

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